How to order personalised candles

Any special moment in a person’s life is accompanied by candles: his birth, first Communion, wedding, the birth of his sons/daughters, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. In these conditions, it becomes clear that candles should be personalised to match the importance of each event celebrated. The personalisation of a candle can refer to many aspects; candles can be small, medium, or large, white, pink, blue, yellow, or multicolored, scented or unscented, embellished by crystals or not, adorned with satin or silk ribbons or not, decorated with impressive poems, or with just a memorable quote, and so on.

Among the most popular lumanari personalised candles today, we can include wedding candles. These are usually formed of a pillar candle, that is lit during the wedding ceremony with the help of two tapers, which are also included in the wedding set. The pillar candle is in most cases ultra-elegant and designed with style in mind; this is the candle that represents the focal point at any wedding, therefore it has to be special. A pillar candle can be decorated with anything from crystals, precious stones, unforgettable quotes written using lovely fonts, to ribbons, bows, images and engravings. Before ordering personalised candles from Candles by Delia, decide how you want your candles to be.

If you cannot decide how you want your candles, small or large, thin or thick, white or colored, check out the large variety of wedding candles available on Candles by Delia website. In case of a wedding, candles are personalised with the bride and groom’s first names, their wedding date and a touching message that means something to the new family. Many couples also choose lovely organza bows that adorn the bottom of their pillar candle, beautifully placed on a candle holder. There should be mentioned that candles are charged separately from candle holders and those interested in candles only can make their order without purchasing the candle holders as well.