When to Call a Gas Engineer

It’s vital that gas appliances and supplies are well maintained and regularly serviced to ensure the safety of everyone in the home or office where they are installed. Whether it’s a routine visit or you suspect there’s a problem, don’t leave it too late before you call out a gas engineer.

It’s always worth establishing a relationship with your local gas engineer so that you’re not panicking when things go wrong and Local gas engineers calling out the first person you can find online or in your local directory – which can be expensive. Instead, take a look at the gas engineers in your area when you don’t need them. That way, you can make a reasonable evaluation so that when the need arises, you can call out someone you can rely on. Whether you need a gas engineer in Watford or Wick, finding someone you can trust is vital.

So, once you have an engineer you can rely on, how do you know when to call them out? If you’re even a little worried that you have a problem with a gas appliance or your supply, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so always call when:

You can smell gas – the most obvious sign that there’s a problem with your gas supply is when you smell gas. Whilst there’s often a residual smell when your boiler or fire lights, the smell should not linger, and you shouldn’t be able to smell gas when no appliances are on. As soon as you’re sure you can smell gas, call a professional gas engineer, don’t turn on electrical switches or light matches and leave all appliances off.

Your appliances need servicing – if you’ve moved into a new home, or you’ve neglected to have your boiler, fire or appliances serviced for a while, it’s time to call out a qualified gas engineer. Faulty gas appliances can be extremely dangerous, and it’s always advisable to make sure everything is in working order.