Adult ADHD: Finish That Project!

First of all, you’ve got to picture what it will be like when it’s complete. What is this project going to do for you when it’s done? How are you going to feel? What is the end result? People with Adult ADHD tend not to focus on accomplishments once they’re done, and that can be very de-motivating.

Maybe you’re creating a product, or bdsm writing a book. Maybe you’re creating a new system. What is the benefit to you? If you hate creating a system (common to Adult ADHD) in your business or life, focus on how much more time you’ll have to do what you want when you’re at the end of it.

If you’re writing a book and you have Adult ADHD, you’re probably having trouble finishing that last 15%. Think about all the people who are going to read it and appreciate it. Picture it as vividly and specifically as you can. Imagine yourself in an arena with 30,000 people in a stadium opening your book, your piece of information that you put out to the world, smiling, loving it.

If you have Adult ADHD, you need to be looking at not only what it’s going to be like when it’s done, but you have to imagine it in the most exciting way humanly possible. You can exaggerate. Make the picture larger, brighter, more exciting.

That works well for all the “visual” people with Adult ADHD. Interestingly though, only 20% of the people out there with Adult ADHD can actually picture anything in their heads when they close their eyes. That leaves 80% of Adult ADHD people who can’t.

How can a non-visual person with Adult ADHD visualize? Imagine what it would look like if you could picture it. Or what it would sound like, or what it would feel like, or what you know about it conceptually. Those are all different ways of imagining something that work well with Adult ADHD.