Low Voltage Garden Lighting – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages and very few disadvantages to low voltage garden lighting. It is a good idea to understand what these are when deciding on whether to use this very popular form of garden lighting.

The classic solution for outdoor lighting is low voltage garden lighting and it is easy to install. Outdoor lighting consultants and landscape tuinverlichting led gardeners prefer low voltage garden lighting as their first choice as it is completely safe for use outdoors. It enables you to enjoy the benefits of your garden after sunset and your guests can experience the wonderful effects of the lighting on your plants and features.

One very beneficial thing about low voltage garden lighting is the fact that you can very easily install low voltage garden lighting without getting any help from an electrician and that when bulbs need replacing they can be replaced without turning off the power. Doing the installation yourself is one of the most economical means of improving the safety of your home and at the same time you can highlight the garden features that you prefer by using low voltage garden lighting. This form of garden lighting is very economical.

One of the few disadvantages of low voltage garden lighting is the fact that the wirings are very prone to damage and care needs to be taken to safeguard the wires. Having said that the wires are harmless and can be left on the ground as there is no danger from them.

You can choose to illuminate a very wide space or area as you wish. Even bollards which are designed to be functional and practical can be very decorative with low voltage garden lighting. This lighting can give you extra hours in your garden that you would not have without this economical form of lighting.

By choosing low voltage lighting you will be able to enjoy landscape lighting that adds exciting elements to your garden and highlights aspects that would go unseen at night without this enhancement. 12 volt is the ideal choice of low voltage garden lighting that is available in the market. It is possible to program the time that the light comes on with transformers for low voltage garden lights which is very efficient at doing the job.