What tech companies have headquarters in NYC?

New York City is home to a diverse range of tech companies, including established giants, innovative startups, and industry disruptors. Here are some notable tech companies with headquarters in New York City:

  1. Google: Google’s New York City office is one of its largest engineering hubs outside of its headquarters in Mountain View, California. It focuses on various aspects of the company’s operations, including advertising, cloud services, and more.
  2. Facebook: Facebook has a IT company New York significant presence in New York City, with offices in Manhattan. These offices handle advertising, marketing, partnerships, and more.
  3. Amazon: Amazon’s New York City presence includes various functions, such as its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division, which provides cloud computing services, as well as its retail and marketing operations.
  4. Spotify: The popular music streaming service has its U.S. headquarters in New York City. It’s a hub for marketing, content, and partnerships.
  5. IBM: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has a long history in New York City. While its headquarters are officially in Armonk, New York, it maintains a significant presence in the city, focusing on research and development.
  6. Vimeo: Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that provides tools for creators to upload, share, and monetize their videos. It has its headquarters in New York City.
  7. Etsy: Etsy is an e-commerce platform focused on handmade and vintage items. It was founded in Brooklyn, New York, and its headquarters remain in the city.
  8. Squarespace: Squarespace offers a website building and hosting platform. The company’s headquarters are located in New York City, where it focuses on design, engineering, and customer support.
  9. WeWork: WeWork, a company specializing in co-working spaces, was founded in New York City. While its headquarters have shifted, the company’s origins are closely tied to the city’s tech ecosystem.
  10. BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed is a digital media company known for its viral content. Its headquarters are based in New York City.
  11. Peloton: Peloton is a fitness technology company known for its connected exercise equipment and digital fitness classes. It was founded in New York City and maintains its headquarters there.
  12. Datadog: Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale applications. The company’s headquarters are in New York City, and it focuses on providing insights into cloud infrastructure and applications.

These are just a few examples of tech companies that have their headquarters in New York City. The city’s tech ecosystem continues to evolve, attracting a wide range of tech businesses that contribute to its dynamic and innovative atmosphere.